Garage Rat Media

Est. 2019

What exactly is a Garage Rat?

Garage Rats are something special. They spend hours on end sitting in their driveways, garages, sheds, modifying anything they can. Motorcycles, cars, pitbikes, go karts, trucks, RC cars, anything.

It's a non-stop state of tinkering, tuning and making things our own based on our own standards, despite the weather, finances, knowledge or public opinion. Its amazingly impressive what can be done with a few hours in the garage, and a little motivation.

Garage Rat Media was started as a way to share all of the creations we create in our garages, and to create a brand around that same philosophy, that life is sometimes better in the garage. We spend a lot of time in our garages. Just like our fellow Garage Rats around the world.

Get in the garage, and build something.

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